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Feb 14 2012 10:16 pm

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Destroyer BC - Fuck Reality EP - Review by Olie Sydenham

Destroyer BC

Fuck Reality EP

Olie Sydenham

In a scene of bands writing songs about friends, family, the good times and unity, Destroyer BC seem to stand in the minority of the realists who still write about beating the shit out of their enemies and anything really horrific going on in the world. This gets the thumbs up from us! With a name for their debut EP like ‘Fuck Reality’ there is no mercy in the suggestion that this is going to be a hard hitting recording from the Derby lads.

Opening up the file for a listen was a bit confusing at first, with only two tracks on this release maybe calling this an EP was a little too ambitious?  Nevertheless, playing the first track ‘Control’ at full volume sounded like the flux capacitor was kicking in as the Delorean races down the train tracks in back to the future. A dark and slow downbeat intro smacks you awake to kick off the EP, sitting here listening we cannot help but notice that the drums are a little too bass-filled and take over the guitars when they start with an equally dark sounding chord progression. The song belts along at top speed through the listeners mind when the vocals kick in we are surprised to hear a more death metal style of ‘scream’ than the style of the first bar of the song would suggest, but then again maybe we have been listening to a little too much Brutality Will Prevail recently. This is certainly a good and interesting start for theDBC lads; setting themselves apart from what is expected of them, chewing it up into a ball and spitting it right into the fires of hell. The song continues with hateful lyrics, punishing beat downs and breath taking drum fills, when the final bars are played anyone would be left with a look of shock and awe on their face.

But Destroyer BC are not done with us just yet, the second and quite sadly the final track off their EP;Unholy Water (Feat. Matthew Jones of Martyr Defiled)would be enough to make anyone interested in giving the track a listen. Starting with a downbeat build up into a slightly slower 2-step beat the track starts off brick, fisting its way into the listener’s ears. When Matthew’sguest vocal part issues in this would definitely be a huge crowd pleaser, the beatdowns and fist-pumping sections continue along this four minute onslaught with a HUGE sounding side to side build up and end breakdown. We can almost hear the fists hitting people’s faces from here. A massive start toDestroyer BC’s music career and if you ever do get the chance to check the guys out on a tour do not hesitate! Take is from us here at Hevy Petal it is surely not an opportunity you want to be missing out on.


Fuck reality EP:

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