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Feb 22 2012 9:13 pm

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Free Metal/Grind/Doom compilation GRINDING TEETH from ITG Records - Download/Stream here - 

Track list:

1.Plague Widow - Assimilated Subconscious 

2.Guttural Decay - Mortal Defilement 

3.Swinelord - Welcome To Your Doom

4.Basement Torture Killings - Priceless Life Death Art 

5.Dawn Of Chaos - Force Fed Embryonic Slurry (Demo) 

6.Destroyer BC - Unholy Water (Feat. Matthew Jones of Martyr Defiled) 

7.Dead Existence - Swarm Of Bastards

8.Nebukadnezza - Bloodfist (Demo) 

9.Cancerous Womb - Up To My Nuts In Guts 

10.Mutant Lion Massacre - Foxhound 

11.Day Of Unrest - The Serpent’s Truth

12.Plague Of Ashitaka - Fleshlumpeater

13.Today The Sun Dies - Not Born, But Shit Into Existence 

14.Plague The Impure - Parasomnia 

15.Diminished - Rectal Torment 

16.Human Cull - Modern Slavery 

17.Oblivionized - Subject to Extinction 

18.Swamp Gas - Brutal Evisceration And Digestion 

19.Infected Flesh - Exorcism Through The Cunt 

20.Eradicated - Piece Of Shit 

21.Revokation - Martyrdom

22.Venomous Supremacy - Severing The Legend

Jan 22 2012 10:57 pm

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ONE copy of 30-track Malaysian Grindcore compilation ‘MUSIC IS OUR WEAPON’ to give away! Just LIKE ITG’s related Facebook status HERE.

Released by Fastdie Records Label & Distro, the limited print cassette includes: Alchemy of Sickness, Deforming Torture, Eye’s Popping Out, Grindamage, Hellterror, S.O.T + Compulsion to Kill.

The winner will be chosen randomly tomorrow!

Oct 31 2011 6:17 pm

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Destroyer BC's Fuck Reality EP is now available from ITG Records' Bandcamp here

Hail Satan \m/

Oct 17 2011 12:55 pm

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4 tracks of hate fuelled NW London Hardcore/Metal. Unreleased and unprinted due to band break-up, The Silent Takeover’s EP ‘Let Us Begin A New War’.

Ex-members are now in Metal/Hardcore band ‘A Long Time Dead’ and ex-vocalist Grant is working on a brand new Death Metal called ‘Plague The Impure' (DRUMMER NEEDED!!!)

Download free EP HERE

Jun 29 2011 8:20 am

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